deception falls - Cassette

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Forged from the shell of the great Kappa, this unholy artifact uses analog tape technology that is said to induce auditory hallucinations in those courageous enough to play its secret contents aloud. Housed in a stunning 3-panel J-Card that features photography from Carson Tucker, this gorgeous smoky grey cassette may tempt its way into the hands of the bravest collectors…or perhaps the most foolish. Take heed.

Release Date - March 11th, 2022


1. The Lodge
2. Live From The Graveyard Soil
3. Good Grief (How's Your Little Rap Thing Going?)
4. Step, Slide, Separate
5. Astasis
6. Scuare's Respite
7. Blunts & Clementines
8. Viridian
9. Shouts Out To *Insert Sponsor Name Here*!
11. Victory Lap (Mirror Mode)
12. One Year From Now

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